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1. Appointments are required for all families so I will have sufficient time to sanitize photographic equipment after each client session. I will be spacing out my sessions, and plan to have a maximum of four to five per day to allow time for sanitation in between.

2.  I will primarily be booking outdoor session as much as possible. 

3. I will continue invoicing through electronic payments to reduce the risk of contact.

4. I will maintain social distancing, using no-touch posing methods. Sadly this means I can’t greet you with a big hug, but we can air hug instead from afar! Even though we will be further apart, I will use my hefty zoom lens to be sure and capture those sweet connected moments you see in my work. 


1. Prior to each session, I will screen for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 and communicate any changes with you.

2. If anyone in your party is sick, we will reschedule without a rescheduling fee (if you notify me at least 6-hours prior).

3. I will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a face mask during our session, have sanitizer, and use no-touch posing methods (see above).

4. I will wash my hands regularly before and after photographic sessions.  I will frequently sanitize all equipment, as well as props, chairs, benches with which a client may come into contact. I will remove all unnecessary equipment brought to our session to minimize the possiblity of contamination.

5. Please bring your own blanket to sit on.  Solid light neutral color and no patterns please.  


I really cannot express enough how grateful I am that I am still able to photograph all you beautiful people while maintaining safe distance and safe precautions! If you have any questions at all about when and where to schedule a session, my new policies, how the session will work with social distancing, and more – please reach out at any time! 

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